Dear Service Manager/Garage Owner, times are changing

A paper maintenance booklet. Getting a stamp. Waiting for information at the desk. Calling for an appointment. It’s all outdated.

Join iGarage, offer your customers a modern service, and get better results.

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  • Give insight into expected costs
  • Provide easy appointment scheduling
  • Send maintenance alerts and reminders
  • Give insight into the car’s status and history
  • Give technical advice

For garages

Private customers

Improve your relationship with private customers

Corporate customers

Give your corporate customers with a fleet their own fleet dashboard

Workshop Bookings

Sell more workshop hours and include a CarPassport for all new customers

Online tools to provide modern-day services

With iGarage, you respond to the growing group of car owners who manage everything online.


Communication & promotions

Have a direct and fully targeted communication channel with your customers using push notifications which are far more effective than email or SMS and they are FREE.
Push notifications can be automated for routine maintenance even amber work or used as part of a campaign. Customers can make and manage their own appointments.


Connectivity and integration

iGarage offers digital job cards and check sheets but can also integrate with your existing tools.
We have an open policy and are always happy to talk to third party providers to integrate their systems into iGarage. We don’t charge any ongoing costs or collect any commissions or transaction fees for this either.


Everything you need in one place

From roadside assistance to tolls, road tax, driving charges, fees and other motoring hassles.
iGarage is constantly developing new services that respond to the car owner’s developing requirements. As a participant in the iGarage network, your company can benefit and remain fully relevant with no extra costs or hidden charges.


Help & support

iGarage gives your customers a high service perception.
By selecting “Common issues” drivers have access to a useful roadmap to diagnose themselves during car trouble. This option also offers insight into the meaning of the dashboard lights (if desired, the driver can also call roadside assistance or your garage from within the app).
On top of this we are also developing a driver to garage messaging service.


Collect and enhance data

Your business automatically records valuable customer and vehicle data in iGarage, just by using the system. (iGarage maintains full compliance of all relevant privacy regulations).
iGarage offers you new possibilities to profit and increase customer loyalty with this direct insight into your customers and their vehicles.


Add value to your workshop bookings

Create value and fill your workshop using the iGarage CarPassport.
CarPassport is a great way to store your maintenance history with the ability to pass it on to new owners, it is a digital alternative to the old fashioned paper booklet.
Moreover, CarPassport is a strong incentive for any new owner to use your garage as they will have inherited a full and detailed history from the previous owner.

More than 700 garages and 4 years’ experience within our test market

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Why would I use it and what about cost?

iGarage is charged to the garage per active passport, so as a garage owner you only pay for customers that are using your services.
The consumer use of their AutoPassport's is completely free.
The garage cost on average is well below that of comparable products and you don't even have to commit to a contract.
Installation costs are very low and training is all on-line and included.

iGarage and AutoPassport can automate customer contact including booking and reminders helping to keep customers loyal.
All customer contact is highly targeted and relevant, iGarage uses AI and machine learning based on the data it holds against all vehicle makes and types to predict work and costs.
iGarage & AutoPassport will sell more workshop time and replace many existing systems you are already paying for. What's not to like?

Or would you rather keep the old?

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More than 700 garages and 4 years’ experience within our test market

Join the fast-growing network of garages and maintain your grip on your customers!